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JeJe Noval

JeJe Noval, PhD, RDN, CLT, RN

JeJe Noval is a registered dietitian-nutritionist serving as an assistant professor in the department of nutrition and dietetics with the School of Allied Health Professions. JeJe received her undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics from Loma Linda University, a graduate degree in clinical nutrition from Rosalind Franklin University and a PhD in education, specializing in online learning and teaching from Northcentral University. Right after graduating from LLU, she worked as a clinical dietitian at San Bernardino County Medical Center and then at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She eventually transitioned to teaching at Loma Linda University where she discovered her true passion in life, which is teaching. Because there are many nutritionists in media who are not registered dietitian-nutritionists sharing non-evidenced-based nutrition information at times, JeJe has an ongoing desire to train dietetic students for camera readiness. Her training prepares the students for future opportunities to speak well and professionally through various media platforms, while delivering evidenced-based nutrition information.

Ron du Preez, PhD, ThD, DMin

Ron du Preez, PhD, ThD, DMin

Ron’s love for outdoor activities and physical exercise are a direct result of being raised in an active Adventist family in South Africa. While a college student, he organized and completed two fundraising “Big Walks,” the longer one covering 622 miles in three weeks. As part of his recovery after a near-fatal accident while on mission service in Zimbabwe, he cycled 240 miles in one day, raising funds for his alma mater. A few years after transitioning to a plant-based diet, Dr. du Preez celebrated his 60th birthday, by completing 7 marathon distances (of 26.2 miles each) in 7 countries in Europe in 7 days, the last one being done only after sunset on Saturday night. Most recently in December 2020, he walked 79 miles on his birthday, celebrating God’s blessings for the wonderful benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Incidentally, between all of this, Elder du Preez completed 3 doctorates, and was blessed to serve in several countries, in various roles such as district pastor, university professor, college president, etc.

Ernie Medina

Ernie Medina, MPH, DrPH

Ernie Medina, Jr. graduated from Andrews University, and went on to complete his Masters in Public Health (MPH)-Health Education and his Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH)-Preventive Care from Loma Linda Univ. School of Public Health in 1993. For over 21 years, he worked in health education at Beaver Medical Group, focusing on weight loss, diabetes, smoking cessation, and stress management. He led small group classes and saw patients one-on-one for lifestyle behavior change.

In 2015, Dr. Medina, Jr. came back to LLU School of Public Health to join the faculty, teaching in the Masters in Health Education and Wellness Coaching program, and the DrPH in Preventive Care program. He’s also the Alumni Representative for the SPH Alumni Association. He’s a certified exercise physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine, and a nationally board certified health and wellness coach. Finally, he works with various LLU employee wellness programs for diabetes prevention and smoking cessation. In the summer, he helps lead out in a pediatric obesity summer camp called Operation Fit, a program that teaches health living to kids.

Dr. Medina, Jr. and his family practice what they preach when it comes to physical activity. He currently coaches his Kid’s Mountain Biking Club 2 on weekly rides, and is also a certified pickleball coach, teaching individual and group classes. Finally, he is an adjunct professor at LaSierra Univ where he teaches the pickleball class and guest lectures in several health sciences classes. His wife, Keri, teaches in the LLU School of Nursing and is an avid runner, and his daughter, Summer, is a video producer/editor for Loma Linda Univ Church Media team and is also a runner and mountain biker.

Roger Gallant, MD

Roger Gallant, MD

Roger Gallant, MD, is an emergency physician by training, but for about the last 15 years he has been mainly practicing lifestyle medicine. After making changes in his own lifestyle and seeing the results, he felt he had to share what he had learned with others. He now enjoys teaching people how lifestyle change can combat the degenerative diseases of our society today.

Dr. Gallant is the medical director for the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program in Weimar, CA. NEWSTART is an 18-day residential lifestyle program where patients are taught how to change their lifestyle and improve their health. The NEWSTART acronym stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God.

Rolando Fulgencio

Rolando Fulgencio, NMD

Dr. Rolando Fulgencio is a naturopathy medical doctor. He received his undergrad in Biology at Walla Walla University and his doctorate in Bastyr University, one of the top medical schools for natural medicine worldwide. Born into poverty in the Philippines, as a baby he nearly lost his life due to an unknown illness. With no HealthCare available to him, he was saved by a neighbor pediatrician that asked no charge. With his expertise in natural medicine, he is grateful everyday that the Lord has given him the opportunity to help others.

Jason Shives

Jason Shives, MD

Dr. Jason Shives is an Emergency Physician working in Mississippi. He is a former gymnast, an avid runner, triathlete, and nutritional enthusiast. He came to the realization of the power of nutrition and lifestyle change while a medical student suffering with elevated cholesterol and hypertension. Dr. Shives is married to Janelle and they have two young daughters: Josie and Jenna. They have a passion for life and health, and for sharing that passion in their community.

Yvonne Deoso Afenir, RD

Yvonne Deoso Afenir, RD, RN

Yvonne Deoso Afenir, RD is a Registered Dietitian from Adventist University of the Philippines, a Registered Infusion and Wound/Ostomy Nurse in the USA, an Aerobics Instructor for 10 years, with a good solid background in Natural and Herbal Remedies.

After she was diagnosed with Cancer in 2013 she moved from Southern California to Washington State to obtain healing with just Natural Remedies much to the consternation and opposition of some of her peers and Oncologists. At present she remains cancer free and her husband who was a Diabetic for 25 years and has now reversed the disease for 5 years joins her in managing a wellness and lifestyle-change ministry with natural remedies/herbal concoctions and the 21-day cleansing program. Their regular exercise program includes mountain climbing, hiking and caring for 10 rescue dogs in their 11 acre farm in Morton, Washington. They serve a non profit organization called Travel Light Ministries, of which Yvonne is the President and Health Director.

Her greatest joy occurred during a medical appointment when one of her Oncologists begged her to share her regimen with his patients who desire to be cured from this dreadful disease.

Andre Weston

Andre Weston, MDiv

Andre Weston lives in Hilo, Hawaii where he pastors two churches. He has served as a pastor for five years in a variety of places including Florida and Mississippi. He enjoys encouraging others to find purpose and satisfaction in life by putting their trust in God. He believes in balanced living and recognizes faith as an integral part of human wellness.

Joyce Choe

Joyce Choe, MD

Dr. Joyce Choe is a plant based ophthalmologist and health educator who struggled with severe food sensitivities and leaky gut, despite eating a whole foods plant based diet for many years. She experimented with various versions of an elimination diet, prior to experiencing significant healing at the Years Restored Lifestyle Center, founded by Mercy Ballard. As she and Mercy both saw a need for plant based educational resources for those with autoimmune disease and leaky gut, they recently coauthored the Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook and designed the online course The Autoimmune Recovery Plan, based upon the protocol used at the Years Restored Lifestyle Center. Information for the lifestyle center can be found at yearsrestored.com. The online course is available at drjoycechoe.com. Dr. Choe and Mercy have also developed a unique gluten free tortilla that with the cookbook is available at wholenessmarket.com

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